Flood damage inspections Fort Myers

Need Quick Flood damage Inspections Fort Myers are performed by EMA licensed Professional Engineers. In case of natural disasters including hurricane damage & water damage, a quick and coordinated recovery is key. Not only is the safety and well being of our loved ones at stake but the welfare of society depends critically on the resilience of its business community to natural disasters.

We have engineers &  inspectors  experienced in investigating and  flood damage inspections Lafayette. We at EMA are prepared to mobilize our staff of engineers, certified inspectors, and technicians to aid in the recovery process. To assist in coordinated long term recovery, our structural & forensic engineers offers the following areas of expertise:

Quick Flood damage inspections Fort Myers & North Port by licensed engineers

Structural damage assessment to residential & commercial Structures due to Ian induced flood

Forensic Engineering

Foundation collapse analysis

Roof damage reports

Wind damage reports

Why You Need Quick Flood Damage Inspections for WOOD FRAME

* Fence support broken at the ground or blown over
* Landscape damage, largest size broken limb, trunk to check against F scale
* Roof blown off or displaced (check wall-roof connection; sometimes it is not evident)
* Broken windows — will indicate wind forces entering the building
* Brick blown off walls or in place
* Chimney and roof vent condition. May cause carbon monoxide poisoning if used in damaged condition
* Above-ground utility services — connected or off

Do you have water damage in your Fort Myers or North Fort Myers home or business? If so, time is of the essence to call EMA Structural Forensic Engineers to do a quick flood damage inspections & assessment for any wood frame building, as flood water may have saturated the frame and the sandwiched insulation in walls, thus making mold grow fast. We are proud to be Fort Myers’ leading water damage restoration company. When we arrive on the scene, we immediately stop any ongoing water damage that is occurring and begin removing standing water.

Need water or flood damage restoration services in Fort Myers? Contact us online or call (813) 398-5383 now for fast service.

Ready to Handle Quick Flood Damage Inspections Emergency

Use extreme caution when entering a building that was damaged. Personal safety considerations include, but are not limited to, protecting yourself from electric shock, mold contamination, asbestos, lead paint, loose or slippery floorboards, and debris.

Research Citations

International Flood Fatalities (Flash Floods and Coastal Floods)

Main causes of Morbidity and Mortality: Direct impact-Drowning is the leading cause of death in case of flash floods and coastal floods. Fatal injuries during evacuation or during cleanup activities can occur. Injuries are observed but consist in small lacerations or punctures due to the presence of glass debris and nails. Electrical shocks can occur. At short term, the impact of floods on the transmission of communicable diseases is limited. An increased risk for water and vector borne diseases definitely exists. Nonetheless, outbreaks of communicable diseases are rarely observed. Indirect Impact: The impact on the health infrastructures and all lifeline systems can be massive and can result in food shortages and the interruption of basic public health services (water, etc). Contamination by toxic chemicals during floods is theoretically possible but no verifiable correlation has been observed or measured so far

Fatal injuries during evacuation or during cleanup activities can occur. Injuries are observed but consist in small lacerations or punctures due to the presence of glass debris and nails. Electrical shocks can occur. [3]

Private citizens also face significant risk of injury during cleanup. Officials talk of a “second wave” of injury following a natural disaster as citizens undertake to remove debris and repair buildings themselves…confirming what public health officials warned about a second wave of injuries, the most common diagnosis (26.2%) in reporting hospitals and clinics from September 8 to October 4 was injury. The major cause of injury was falling… Cutting and piercing injuries ranked third. [4]

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